About Rebel Farm

Meet the owners/farmers, Jake Olson and Lauren Brettschneider.

Rebel Farm has one goal in mind and that is to provide our customers with the freshest, GMO free, local produce.

We believe the future is now!  Our production capability is based on a sustainable greenhouse farm concept utilizing hydroponic (NFT) technology, with over 38,000 plant sites in our 15,000 sq. foot greenhouse.  We grow our premium leafy greens and herbs naturally; free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers and utilizing up to 90% less water than your typical dirt farm.

We harvest just before delivery and distribute our produce live on the root, to ensure the freshest produce year round, and the ultimate flavor experience for the consumer. 

We are proud to support Colorado restaurateurs and markets that are part of the local farm-to-table movement; sustaining the planet one plate of premium greens at a time.

We strive to nourish and strengthen our community by planting seeds of change, creating economic development, sharing our knowledge with our local community, as well as supporting charitable organizations focused on feeding those less fortunate.

We welcome culinary professionals to visit our greenhouse, Mon-Fri from 9am-2pm for a tour of our facility, and to sample our produce.  Prior notice is appreciated, but not required.